Lizelle van Vuuren

Lizelle van Vuuren is a ten year veteran of design, strategy, marketing, business growth and innovation for tech companies, startups, organizations and entrepreneurs. Lizelle is a rising entrepreneur, innovator and full-stack marketer who frequently organizes events to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to be bold, be the change and make a difference in the world. Lizelle is a true leader in the Denver startup community and devotes her free time to empower women entrepreneurs as well as advise startups and new tech founders.

Lizelle is currently the Founder and CEO of Effectively, a marketing services agency with a framework to help launch ideas and grow startups, companies, non-profits and organizations.

She recently Co-founded StartupDenver and a monthly event called Women Who Startup which empowers Colorado entrepreneurs with the resources they need most.

Lizelle has been featured and quoted in publications including the Denver Business Journal, The Denver Post, Confluence City, Built in Colorado and some others.

Lizelle believes that entrepreneurship is the key to solving the World’s biggest problems. She seeks to work with mindful people who she can learn from, and work with on new ideas, solutions, products or services that create change, improve people’s lives and makes a difference.

Lizelle was born and raised in South Africa, moved to Colorado at the age of 15, traveled the World, but has made Denver “home-base”. Lizelle’s passion for the outdoors, an active, organic and soulful lifestyle, as well as an appreciation for an extremely friendly State focused on equality and diversity, has kept Lizelle here since 1997.

“Colorado is evolving into such an incredible place. The amount of sunny days, the active and balanced lifestyle between work and play is something to be proud of, and I’m pretty sure we’re all responsible for creating such a positive lifestyle State. We all like to work hard and play hard, and we have a good idea of what’s truly important in life. Maybe it’s the mile-high mountain air, but we’re pretty laid back and extremely passionate about our work here in Denver.”

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